Create #SarapanMochiMochiBread with your favorite way

Monday is no longer blue because of the surprise from @ yamazaki.myroti!!

This is a special surprise from Mochi-Mochi Bread for you #ChewyTeam and #CrunchyTeam !! Let’s show your best #ChewyCreation or #CrunchyCreation from Mochi-Mochi Bread for your signature breakfast!

Hurry up, join #SarapanMochiMochiBread, and win a total prize of 5 MILLION Rupiah for 10 winners, by following this step:

1. Buy Mochi-Mochi Bread.
2. Make Mochi-Mochi Bread for your breakfast by make #ChewyCreation so you can eat it directly, or make #CrunchyCreation by baking the bread so it’s crispy and chewy.
3. Post your creation and write down why the method you chose is the most suitable way to enjoy Mochi-Mochi Bread.
4. Follow & tag @ yamazaki.myroti, tag 2 friends.
5. Use hashtag #MochiBreadYamazaki #KreasiKenyal #KreasiGaring.

This competition will be held from 5-23 October 2020. What are you waiting for?
Join the competition, upload your cool creation, and win the prize!!
#YamazakiMyroti #LembutnyaSampaiDiHati #RotiLembutIndonesia