Join #KreasiDonasi, a Fun Way to Share with Others!‚Äč

Yamazaki Myroti is here again with another special surprise! Join us in #KreasiDonasi, a fun way to share with others. With a purchase of 1 pack of Mochi-Mochi Bread or Sweet Bread, you are also contributing a #Donation of Rp. 100, – for Janitors. You can also join our #KreasiSweetBread event and win a total GOPAY prize of 3 MILLION rupiahs! Only by:

1. Buy Sweet Bread, make #Creation by decorating Sweet Bread as attractive and creative as possible.
2. Post your creation, then follow & tag Instagram @yamazaki.myroti
3. Use the hashtag #KreasiUntukSemua #SweetBreadYamazaki #KreasiDonasi

#KreasiDonasi will take place on 2-30 November 2020 !! What are you waiting for? Hurry up, follow & Upload Your unique #Kreasi, help others, & win prizes!!!

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