Photo Challenge PIKGA & Your Favorite Traditional Drinks

Pandan Bread filled with Palm Sugar (PIKGA) is the best combination to eat with Traditional Indonesian drinks which do you think? Win a Total Prize of 2 MILLION Rupiah for 20 winners, only by:

  1. Upload your photo with PIKGA Bread + Traditional Indonesian Drinks
  2. Write down why the combination of drinks that you choose is the most unique to be enjoyed with PIKGA Bread.
  3. Follow @yamazaki.myroti
  4. Tag 2 friends and @yamazaki.myroti
  5. Use hashtags #RotiLembutIndonesia #RotiPIKGA #YamazakiMyroti #LembutnyaSampaiDiHati #RotiLembut

Period: 11-22 August 2020


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