About Us

History of Yamazaki Baking Co. LTD

Yamazaki Baking Co.,Ltd. was established on June 21st 1948 by the founder, Tojuro Iijima, in the post-world war II. With the spirit of hard work wholeheartedly, Yamazaki Baking Co.,Ltd. have grown and developed by providing a wide range of bread products and services that adhere to the spirit of "good quality, reasonable price, customer-oriented", and also introduced the latest baking equipment and technologies developed in Europe and America. Now, Yamazaki Baking Co.,Ltd. is a No. 1 Bread and Confectionery Company in Japan and has recorded net sales 137,956,000,000,000 rupiah in 2019.
Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. has been making bread for more than half a century, and currently have 28 factories and 41 group companies in Japan. In order to contribute to international food culture, Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. is developing its business in South East Asia, the United State and France, which is now have 14 group companies in all over the world. The expansion in South East Asia began in Hongkong in 1981, and continue expand in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In 2012, Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. start its operation in Indonesia, PT. Yamazaki Indonesia, with brand 'Yamazaki Myroti'.
In 2014, Yamazaki Co., Ltd started its operations through PT. Yamazaki Indonesia in collaboration with PT. Atri Pacific. Both launched commercial products under the brand name "Yamazaki Myroti". PT. Yamazaki Indonesia has a factory located in Deltamas, Cikarang, Bekasi. In April 2014 Yamazaki Indonesia succeeded in obtaining Halal certification from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), then began operating in November 2014.

As of July 2020, Yamazaki Indonesia has 448 employees and has distributed products in the Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Serang, and Yogyakarta areas, with a total distribution of more than 4,500 stores.

The latest technology from Japan, strict quality control, and high morale, are the main keys for Yamazaki Indonesia to bring "Japanese Quality", "Delicacy", and "Softness" to each of its products. Yamazaki Indonesia will continue to develop as a pioneer of soft bread with the quality of Japan's No. 1 Bread in Indonesia.